Goodbye Dorm, Hello Apartment!

May 16, 2016 - (Property Life)

Congratulations! Your freshman year at Florida State is finally behind you. Now that you’ve officially gotten the hang of balancing your classes with your social life and living on your own, it’s time for you to move into your very first apartment. How excited are you?!

We’re thrilled you’ve chosen The Woodlands to be your home away from home next year. We’ve compiled a short list of things to get you stoked for Move In Day in case you hadn’t started your countdown yet.

apartment bedroom

The days of sharing your room with a stranger are over! You now have your own space to study (or nap 😉 ) when you need to get away for a little. Decorate your room as you please! Think of it as your own little oasis that’s just for you.

Oh, and did we mention your full size bed? No more snuggling with your bestie from home in that twin size cot of yours! Spread out, get your stretch on, enjoy all the space with that awesome new bedding you’ve picked out!

apartment bathroom

The only thing better than your own bedroom is having your very own bathroom, amirite? The days of shower shoes and trekking down the hall in your towel are long gone, and have been replaced by laying on your big ol’ bed in your towel when you’re too lazy to put your clothes on.

apartment kitchen

Having your own kitchen makes all the difference in the world. Baking those cookies, wine night, or family meals with your closest circle of friends will be some of your fondest college memories. You want to know the best part? It’s right there in your apartment, rather than being down the hall and around the corner to be shared with everyone on your floor.

apartment gym

It’s awesome that FSU offers students full access to the Leach. But sharing your amenities with 41,000 of your closest friends can be less than ideal. Here at the Woodlands, our amenities are reserved exclusively for our residents. Enjoy them 24/7 with your resident key and wristband!

apartment pool

Well residents, that just about covers it. Did we miss something? Tweet us and let us know what you’re most excited for! IT’S BETTER IN THE WOODS, Y’ALL!

PS: Keep an eye on your snapchat filters on move in day! 😉