We know many residents love to bring their pet to live with them. We are a pet friendly property provided our policies are followed. Registering your pet is cheaper than being fined for having an unregistered pet.

  • ALL roommates much sign the pet addendum.The addendum gives you authorization from the landlord to have an animal in your unit. All roommates must approve of the pet and sign off on the pet addendum prior to registering the pets.
  • Pets MUST be registered with the office. This includes a picture of your pet and current vet records. Your pet will be issued a tag that must be worn on their collar while on property. Tags are issued to identify resident pets from strays so they are not turned into animal control. They can also help return lost pets to their owners.  While it is not the property’s responsibility to help find or return your pets, we are glad to help if we can.
  • Pet deposit and pet rent is required. We require a $150 pet deposit (refundable upon move out) for any damages your furry friend might incur as well as $10 pet rent (per pet per month).


How to register your pet:

Contact the office and they will send you the pet addendum and let you where to submit the other documentation.

If you are bringing your pet to move in, look for a pet info table! They will let you know how long after move in you have to register your pet.


Pet Owner’s Financial Responsibilities

  • Damages the pet causes
  • Any fines incurred (unpicked up waste, unregistered pet, etc)



(these policies valid for the 2016-2017 school year)